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Nothing In Life Is Guaranteed, A Code To Live By and 17 Best Sayings

Nothing In Life Is Guaranteed: Yes that’s true, living in the moment would be the best thing you can do for you life and do live to the fullest. You may believe everything happens for a reason however it is just a way of consolation.
Making plans for future is good but are you really sure you would be able to see the tomorrow? Would you happy tomorrow if you are not happy today?

Nothing In Life Is Guaranteed, A Code To Live By and 17 Best Sayings
Nothing In Life Is Guaranteed

In my life I believe what you do today will determine your future and if you are not happy today there are high chances you may not be as happy in the future as well however Nothing in life is guaranteed.

Nothing In Life Is Guaranteed

This I Believe. Nothing in life is guaranteed, you would agree as not even life itself is guaranteed. Every day we wake up is a gift, and too often people forget that. Every day you are given to get up and continue living your life is wonderful, and should not be taken for granted. However, this is much more easily said then done.

You may get the best of everything or you wouldn’t get anything at all. See you can achieve anything in life and these days there are few things that are mostly required to lead a better life and happy life.

  • Money
  • Peace
  • Love

1. Money:

Why have I put the Money on first? I will surely going to answer this question for you. many of you might not agree with me on this but to be honest Money in my point of view is the first thing you would need for a better life and a happy life.

People say money doesn’t buy happiness, I agree! But I would prefer to cry in a Ferrari than roaming broke. Well! What I actually mean is mostly the reason of our unhappiness is or caused by the lack of money.

Do tell me your point of view in the comment section about this. I would love to hear your critics.

2. Peace:

It comes when you are truly accept yourself. I have observed even experienced myself. I used to lie to me and never realized. People still these things. They know what is not right for them but they do it anyway then they have to face the consequences.

Most of the times there is a storm inside us and it becomes a peace breaker. We want to feel peace we want to stay calm but most us couldn’t do that. And the solid reason behind it as they give too much attention to things they shouldn’t. They worry more than they should. They care too much.

You would say caring is good. Yes I agree, so why do you not care about yourself as much as you do for that person, whom you are thinking about at the moment.

Most of us have that one person, we feel is our peace of mind but that vary person is the one who causes most of the pain in our lives. Agree?

Did you ever thought why is it? Let me tell you why.

You feel that is the only person in the world you is best for you, guess what he isn’t!! and even if he/she is the one, you are the reason behind your unhappiness, your lost thoughts and your pain.

Psychologically when you case for someone too much, they tend to care too little for you. If you do not love yourself first no one will you. If you do not respect yourself first no one will. If you do not put yourself first, no one would care about you!! It’s not selfish to care about yourself.

Do not be a people pleader, you are not born to impress others, you are born to find your purpose in life and give your life to the purpose you are born for.

Do what makes you happy whether others like it or not, it’s not your problem to care about their opinions and thoughts, it’s theirs.

I live by a code, “if I think what others think about me then what will they think?”

You may see if it fits you. as I do not care about anyone’s opinions about me. I do what I want to do and I never regret.
So let them wonder about you, let them love or hate you, see you do what you makes you happy and keep growing and

3. Love:

From love we often feel about a Girl and boy in Love. Well that is not all, Love is a feeling, in my point of view love is being selfless and do it unconditionally that is the only way to love and never get hurt.

However the point is not being hurt but what we need to lead a better life right now. People may come and go. You would want things to go as planned but then something happens and suddenly everything changes and life turns up side down in the matter of seconds. It’s unbearable at moments. So you cannot be 100% sure what is going to happen next. Lives can change in a split second as nothing in life is guaranteed.

People who are good for you eventually find a way in your life and they will love you and stay. and if you lose some in the way just remember, life is a journey and you will meet many co-passengers but not all them are meant to stay till the end.

Life should surprises you always and give you new experiences, be grateful for what you have and keep the door of your life open. Never stop someone leaving you, and never force anyone who is coming to you.

Because you cannot force someone to stay in your life, Well you can but it won’t be as cheerful as that person stay by choice. No one meant to be till the end just remember that as nothing in life is guaranteed.

I agree that building and hoping for a better future is a good idea but you should live the life in the process as life is to live, live happily do what your heart desire.

Expectations are a big cause of unhappiness, so I won’t say do not expect but expect from yourself. As you won’t be disappointed and if you do you will learn. Expecting from others will only make you sad.

Do love, but never do too much of it. as too much of everything is bad. Even love itself. It will destroy you.

Top 17 Greatest Quotes and Sayings To Live By

  1. The Secret of Getting ahead is getting started.!!!
  2. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.!!!
  3. No matter what, show must go on.!!!
  4. No matter how best you do, others always have something bad to say about that.!!!
  5. Nothing in life is guaranteed, life itself is a gamble.!!!
  6. Happiness is a choice.!!!
  7. Life Goes On… Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could’ve been.!!!
  8. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.!!!
  9. No one meant to stay till the end.!!!
  10. It doesn’t matter if you lose or win as long as you are in the game.!!!
  11. Live in the moment, you may never wake up tomorrow.!!!
  12. There is no tomorrow, It’s just now, it just today.!!!
  13. Well! What is worth dying for if not Love?.!!!
  14. Your thoughts create your world, So change your thought and you change your world.!!!
  15. The greatest life lessons are learnt from the biggest mistakes.!!!
  16. Do not afraid to try, you may not win but you’ll never know if don’t try.!!!!
  17. Life is meant to be lived.!!!

Final words

I hope you have liked our post about Nothing in life is Guaranteed and Life Quotes to Live By, please do tell us in the comment section how do you feel about this post.

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